Webhooks and FormKeep

A Webhook allows you to get a notification sent to another web server whenever a new form is submitted to FormKeep.

We will continue to store your data, send any notification emails you have configured, even send other notifications to other services like Zapier or Shubox.

Additionally, we'll send a POST call for non-spam forms with the data in JSON format to any custom webhook you specify.

Each form you create can have a different Webhook, so you will enter the Webhook url we should send the forms to under the Integrations tab under the specific Form page.

Here's an example POST JSON data we would send:
  "name": "Team FormKeep",
  "email": "support@formkeep.com",
  "created_at": "2019-12-05T02:28:23.742Z",
  "formkeep_submitter_ip": ""