Sakari and FormKeep

Sakari is a cloud-based messaging platform built to support your business. Easily send customized alerts, reminders, events and notifications to customers and employees, wherever they are.

Send bulk personalized messages to thousands of contacts in seconds, or have personalized real-time customer support using text messaging.

Personalize each message with customer data. Connect in real time with two-way messaging. Enhance your messages with our hosted rich text messaging pages.

Built with a powerful suite of business text messaging features including bulk tools, multiple branch accounts, unlimited users, and API integration with 1,000+ applications, the Sakari platform is designed to help start and scale your messaging.

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If you're crafting your own site and bringing your unique brand and don't want to use our Designer, then you can write all the HTML yourself and just change the action tag of the form to point to us and we'll save the data and send your customer back to your site for a thank you page of your own design. Sakari is a great way to expand the things you do with the data to involve your entire team.

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In a matter of minutes and without a single line of code, you can connect FormKeep and Sakari by using Zapier.

Zapier has a free plan that provides a simple and straightforward way to move your data into Sakari.

Connect Sakari and Formkeep now!