and FormKeep is your answer if you need to save files through FormKeep. It allows you to upload images and files from your forms directly to Amazon S3 and then apply a variety of transforms to the images for easier management.

FormKeep customers receive additional features beyond the existing free plan!

Create a FormKeep account now to access the special signup link.

Get started with their quick start guide, but enabling Shubox on your site can be as simple as:

  <input id="resume" type="text" name="resume" placeholder="Click to upload...">

  <script src=""></script>
    new Shubox("#resume", { textBehavior: "replace" })

The file will be saved directly to your S3 account and then the url to the S3 file will be saved in the form field of your submission. The actual files will not be stored by FormKeep or Shubox.